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At Sapphire Driving Academy, we offer professional, reliable and affordable driving lessons to help you achieve your goal.

Our award winning Ex DVSA Examiner can help you whether you are a biginner or want refresh your skills, we can help you pass ith confidence.

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    Why Learn to Drive with Sapphire Driving Academy

    At Sapphire Driving Academy, we offer professional, reliable and affordable driving lessons to help you achieve your goal. Our highly skilled and experienced instructors will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a safe and confident driver.

    We offer a range of lesson packages to suit your individual needs and schedule, whether you are a complete beginner or looking to refresh your driving skills.

    With our modern fleet of vehicles and innovative teaching techniques, you can be sure that you will receive the best possible learning experience.

    Book your driving lessons today and join the thousands of successful drivers who learned to drive with us!

    Learn To Drive

    I have been a DVSA SE Examiner (for L test & ADI & PDI) West London, for the last 6 years following a 20-year career in the Civil Service. Over those 6 years I have developed my teaching skills to achieve a higher than national average pass rate with my pupils at present my new private business Sapphire Driving Academy.

    I cover all West London and the surrounding areas and now concentrate solely on specialist ADI Drivers Training. I have also branched out by being involved in the national police scheme to offer offending drivers the opportunity to benefit from some re-training rather than face prosecution.

    My role now is as an on-road specialist Driving Instructor trainer for the new national 'Safe and Considerate Driving' course for who desires to become a qualified driving Instructors, a requirement for being such a trainer is to hold the Gold Award from RoSPA - the highest civilian Advanced Driver qualification.

    I am also registered as an Approved PassPlus Instructor with West London County Councils, which means that you can receive expert tuition from my Academy and qualify for a substantial grant towards the cost of the PassPlus training (if you are a West London resident). Unlike the majority of ADIs I offer all this ADI driver training in an automatic or Manual transmission car.

    As with other ADIs I have been through the rigorous Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checking system. Like many ADIs I deliver standard learner driver training at a very competitive price and with a high success rate.

    I am happy to discuss bespoke training for any ADI driver, whether on a provisional or full licence level. Perhaps you would like a confidence builder for teaching skills.

    Lessons are a minimum of one hour. I am happy to do one and half hours or two hours to be mutually agreed. I would not recommend any one lesson exceeding two hours for most pupils. Neither am I an advocate of very intensive training ("I want to start to learn and take my test in two weeks please"!) as it is simply not an effective way of teaching in my opinion.

    You will find that I spend the majority of my lessons with you driving, rather than us being parked up for lengthy periods having cosy chats! You get what you pay for —professional tuition from a professional instructor trainer.

    All lesson times and lengths, including any bespoke requests, will be discussed and tailored to suit your needs

    Some facts about the Driving Test.

    UK average for passing the practical driving exams is 44%.

    Pass rate for theory test is 57%.

    Learn your driving skills a former DVSA test inspector.

    Do you want to become a Driving Instructor? Or are you looking for Driving Lessons? Look no further Sapphire Driving Academy is your place.

    I’m Nadia, your ADI Specialist Trainer and I have worked for DVSA as a Driving Examiner for just over 7 years. And in the last 6 years I worked as an SC Examiner in West London covering majority of the local test centres testing part 2’s, part 3’s, and standard checks. I left DVSA 7 months ago to help driving instructors complete their dream goal and to qualify and pass their tests and achieve a career as a qualified driving instructor.

    I also hold the Gold Award from ROSPA — the highest civilian Advanced Driver qualification with an comprehensive DBS checks.

    To date, 56 instructors have qualified under my training and are now earning a very successful amount per month. Out of the 56 instructors that qualified, 87% passed first time . I know I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience to get you through my training programme so that you can successfully earn a good living. Subsequently if you are looking for driving lessons, our instructors are highly experienced and knowledgeable and will help you get through your driving test. Equally our instructors who work for Sapphire Driving Academy aim to pass their pupils first time.

    If you are interested in either becoming a driving instructor or passing your driving test then get in touch or visit our website where you will see all the picture and success stories.

    Your Journey to the Driving Test

    Our instructors are trained to the highest standards, go through frequent background checks and drive vehicles maintained to the highest standards

    • Get your Provision! License.It costs £34 online to get your provisional license.
    • Book Your Lessons.We can help you practice and pass your test.
    • Pass Your Theory Test.Study your Theory Test and pass it before your Practical Test.
    • Pass Your Practical Test. Pass your Practical Test and enjoy your Freedom.

    Our students take fewer lessons to pass than national DVSA average.

    The driving test comprises of 2 parts; a Theory Test and a 40 minutes long Practical Test with a test instructor.



    • 1 Hour £ 35
    • 2 Hour £ 70
    • 6 Hour £ 200
    • 10 Hour £ 330
    • 20 Hour £ 650
    • 30 Hour £ 1050*
    • 40 Hour £ 1320*



    • 1 Hour £ 80
    • 1 & Half Hour £ 120
    • 2 Hour £ 160
    • 10 Hour £ 750
    • 20 Hour £ 1499
    • 30 Hour £ 2200
    • 40 Hour £ 2700
    ORDIT TRAINING - £100 an hour
    Additional people in the car £40 per person
    *Part3 or standards Unlimited package £3200
    **Part 2&3 package unlimited deal £3800
    ***Please note these prices are subject to working with sapphire for 12 months after passing
    ****Full package with full support with application/part1/part2/part3 unlimited sessions £3999

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    We can help you pass your driving test

    frequently asked questions (FAQ )

    1 - How old do I need to be to start driving lessons?

    You need to be 17 years of age to learn to drive a car, however if you have a disability then the age is 16. For more information click here

    2 - How many lessons do I need to take before I take my driving test?

    It takes about 45 hours of supervised driving to be able to learn to drive, for younger students, however, this number can be smaller, but it varies from person to person.

    3 - Can I supervise a learner driver without being an instructor?

    You can supervise a family member or friend who is learning to drive if:

    • You’re at least 21 years old
    • You’re qualified to drive the type of vehicle they’re driving - for example, you must have a manual car licence if you’re supervising someone in a manual car
    • You’ve had a full driving licence for at least 3 years (from the UK, the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein)
    • You are not currently banned from driving.

    *Failure to comply can accrue a fine of £1000 and 6 penalty point on your provisional licence if you drive without the right supervision.

    It’s illegal for:

    • Your friend or family member to use a mobile phone while supervising you.
    • You to drive on the motorway when practising with family or friends.

    4 - Can I practice my driving outside of my lessons?

    Yes, it is generally beneficial to practice more in order to master coordination between observations, gear control and manoeuvring.

    5 - Can I book a 'crash course'?

    Yes, you can, contact us to discuss the options in detail.

    6 - What is the average cost of driving lessons?

    The average rate per hour with the driving instructor is £35. Contact us in detail for more options available.